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During my one week vacation just before Ramadan, we went to Pulau Perhentian, also known as the Stopped-Over Island. Actually I was longing to come here for our Honeymoon, as it turned out to be, we're finally here for our third anniversary. So, dream come true at last.

A brief intro about the island. Located at the north-eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. About 21 km off shores the remote town of Kuala Besut. There are two lovely unspoiled island lie amidst exquisitely clear waters. Pulau Perhentian Kecil (Small Perhentian) and Perhentian Besar (Big Perhentian) comprise the Perhentian Island, aptly named after henti (stop) as fishermen from mainland Kelantan and Terengganu have, for centuries, stopped over at the island for a rest or to shelter during a major storm.

Once we arrived in Terengannu, we heard that it has been raining for days. Felt a little bit disappointed cause if it does rain during our stay there, then it would be a disaster. To start with, the water will not be crystal clear, no activities like snorkeling or swimming can be done, and no sunset by the beach..warrrrggghhhh. Trap in a room is not my idea of good time. For a split second, I was regret that I hit the enter button for resort reservation a month ago. How could I possibly know!!!

Luckily during our 3D2N stayed there, it doesn't rain at all. Alhamdulillah. The weather was perfect so did everything else. My choice of 3D2N Full-Board Package at Senja Bay was proven to be a great one. Hassle and Trouble Free.

Our resort at Senja Bay was just perfect for the two of us. They have reasonably nice clean rooms complete with 24hours air-cond. The staffs were very friendly and courteous. We have Movie Nite and Karaoke Sessions as well. They played Sandra Bullock's movie and sang Lagu Raya afterward and  there was this one  Mat Salleh guy that sang Wakakkakakakaka!!! Hillarious.

Being a typical Malaysian, I have to say that the pinnacle of our stayed at the resorts has to be their sumptuous meals.( has always have  to be about Food).We were like membuncitkan perut every time we went for makan. The portion was very generous and it was tasty and feasty. And it was all included in the package. Hubby gives me a 'thumbs up' for that. Well, I was the one who is responsible for the whole vacation thing. Luckily it turned out to be AWESOME. Will definitely go to Senja Bay again for our next trip. Recommended.

We did a little bit of everything, canoeing, swimming, snorkeling, beach walk, trekking. It was fun. I am officially toasted. Itula padahnya kalau tak pakai Sun-Tan Lotion. But it was a really "Well Done" experience for me. Love it.

Pictures are self explanatory..Enjoice!!!

Kuala Besut jetty is the only getaway to Perhentian Island. Boat transfer from Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Island is available as early as 7.30am.
For the return journey, the speed boats are scheduled to leave the Island thrice daily at 8:00 am, 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm.
However, departure and leaving times for group packages can be arranged.

Our 3DN2 accomodation at Senja Bay. Lovely.

Upon our arrival at the jetty at approx. 8.30am


To the other side of the island, long beach is more suitable for swimming

 So here is the trail to go to the other side. You will definitely need a torch at nite.
But we used our hp shimmering light instead ! Spooky !! Pandai sgt tak bawak torch light.

This was at the other side

Picture taken while we're canoeing
I am canoeing..well only a bit, hubby did most of the job..thanks hon.

 Seise merehatkan badan share satu kerusi, inilah hasilnya

 Room with a breath taking VIEW. We're on the 2nd level, the higher the more magnificient view of sunset you'll see

Need I say MORE !!!

Snorkeling Time

 Salad for starter

My Lunch

His Lunch
My Dinner

 Our appetizer

His Dinner

The Dining Hall

Nite All

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