Saturday, November 20, 2010

Unboxing Compaq Presario CQ42-203ax

Ordered from HP's online store in July '10 for RM1,499. Took 2 weeks before it gets to me. Came in two boxes
1 loaded with HP soft carrying bag & the other is for notebook itself.

Compaq's famous red box. Shipped all the way from Songjiang Xport processing zone, China.

Brief hardware specs. Kids can understand this so do you ;)
RAM speed is 1333Mhz

HP's low end carrying case. Came from Singapore.

As the phrase suggest, "Begin here". Unboxing now...

Power cord & 6-cell rechargeable cell pack.

2 wall AC power plugs and sockets
MS 589 (Malaysia)
NEMA 5–15 (North American, Thai, etc. 15 A/125 V)

Standars user manuals. Loads of 'em.

Wrapped and sealed.

AX comes in all-black. AX stands for AMD powered pc/notebook
TU with black & gold/silver and AU stands for Intel powered pc/notebook

security cable slot
power connector
RJ-11 jack
usb port
optical drive (dvd/cd rom)

external monitor port
HDMI port
RJ-45 jack
2 usb ports
audio-out & in jack
memory card reader

Low-grade keyboard pieces :)

Yep! compaq personal computer company founded in 1982, in 2002 compaq was aquired by HP. If you can't afford
one of those HP Pavilions or Envys just go for compaq.


ATI Mobility Radeon HD4250. It helps to support lack of RAM when running photoshop and stuff.

Altec Lansing, typical partner for HP/Compaq on board speaker

It is a must for my computers to be able to run BT and detect wlan interfaces and...

... looking handsomely good... wlan0 detected and mon0 up & running... excuse me for the jargons :)

Managing boot option. Initiating windows installation now...

7 Ultimate x86

7's been build in such a way that it can be installed by anyone even for those who has ciput pc knowledge. It is technically follow-step-by-step installation OS. Just like other softwares you used to do it yourself while eating goreng pisang or pisang goreng :)

First run... and handsome

7 ultimate x86 OEM succesfoollish installed & activated
(installation is for presentation purpose only, user uninstall windows package immediately)

Fortunately for you guys, in October '10 Hewlett Packard launched new line of products to capture budget notebook segment. HP labeled this variance as G42. For technical aspect of it the casing and body is an exact replicate of Compaq CQ42 but some upgrade on the processors, size of harddisk, etc. So for another extra approx. RM200 you can get HP famous round logo plus a bit of flavazzzz. Just google "G42" or go to HP Malaysia's online store. Selling from RM1,699 (no Windows). Check out the specs, personally I  considered it worth buying.

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